The Path Of Adversity

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Do you feel everything’s working against you, and pushing you further from the realization of your dreams?

It could be a “soul sucking” job, low finances, no time, and a lack of mental or physical energy.

You get one thing right and suddenly there’s another mountain to climb and climbing becomes much more difficult because your hopes have just been dashed

This is the path of adversity and I won’t tell you to cheer up and keep going, after all the situation sucks, so how can you just cheer up and keep going?

But I’ll tell you this, and you’ve probably heard it before or even a thousand times

The obstacle is the way, keep climbing (yeah, I only removed the cheer up part *wink*)

We all go through the path of adversity, and this adversity doesn’t try to stop us from moving, but serves as opportunity to believe in ourselves and our dream.

Once we dare move forward that which we fear becomes the path that brings out the best in us

Your hopes have been dashed, you may be tired, but keep moving because the obstacle is the way

What you fear has happened, so why be afraid?

And if you’re still afraid then know it’s totally fine as long as the fear doesn’t stop you from moving

You were resilient, smart, and assisted in overcoming the last obstacle, so you’ll definitely be catapulted to “success” by this one.

Go forward, the obstacle is the way.



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