Is Knowing What You Want Overrated?

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2 min readAug 4, 2022


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“knowing what you want” seems to be a “requirement” for adulthood and everyone talks about how “indecision” is a bad thing which makes you settle for less

Well, guess what?

I say fuck knowing what you want, it’s overrated!

BUT! (Yes, a huge but)

Hear me out before you throw whatever you want at me

First off, and yes I said first off because there are a lot of angles to this, so you’ll have to stay with me on this

First off, not knowing what you want doesn’t mean you’re going to settle for less, settling for less and being flexible with your choices are two different things

Secondly, knowing exactly what you want doesn’t guarantee fulfillment or happiness

And Thirdleee by which standards do we measure the effectiveness of our definite choices?

I mean, knowing what you want doesn’t mean getting it won’t make you more miserable

I’m tired of the pressure to “know what I want”, you’ve probably experienced this as well and there are two other common situations

The first is how miserable most people are when they finally get what they want and the second is how successful and happy people become when they get what they weren’t expecting

After looking at these factors and my experiences all I can say is:

Most times what you need to get to where you want to go isn’t what you want, and having a clear well-defined picture of what you want makes you close minded to options which may be more memorable and impactful

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t clearly define what you want in your health, finances, love, and career, in fact you should


Also leave a lot of room for something unexpected, be open-minded enough to surprises and miracles disguised as “options”

And if you’ve been under pressure to know what you want because everyone says not knowing what you want is a bad thing then chillllll and remember I said fuck it, it’s overrated!

Have an outcome in mind but allow the details come to you instead of trying to force the details.

So that’s my case, do you think knowing what you want is overrated as well?



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