“I Don't Know” – The Beautee Of Uncertainty

A friend and I were having a conversation last weekend when I asked what he would like to achieve with his new project, and he clearly stated his desire

Then I paused for a while, and a question popped in my head, “what next” I heard myself say, “what’s next after you get what you want”?

“I Don’t Know” he replied, and those struck me as the most beautiful words ever put together

How is the phrase “I don’t know” beautiful you may ask

But wait

The words are not beautiful per se but what they suggest is. “I don’t know” are the words we often say when we’re uncertain, and this uncertainty is beautiful.

I felt a sense of freedom and peace after his reply, so I questioned myself

“What happens next after I get the things I want most?”

“What happens next if I don’t get the things I want most?”

And you guessed correctly my honest answer after every question was “I don’t know”, so simple!

The fear of uncertainty is common because we want to be in control of circumstances, our actions, and the actions of others. Accepting that it’s okay to be uncertain frees us.

Most times we don’t really know, we just dream up what we think will happen, if we’ll live out our dreams, if the people we love will be with us tomorrow, and if we’ll see the next day.

It’s beautiful and pleasurable to know and accept that we actually don’t know, yes not knowing is scary, but it’s also exciting once you let go of trying to.

“I Don’t Know”, I now feel relief when I hear and say these words, I hope you do also.



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