I Am a Rainbow Not Black or White

Transcendence Art by Marcos Alvarado

Why the pressure for consistency?

People expect you to be this or that

Show someone you’re humble a few times, and they’ll assume humility is your nature

Show someone you’re proud and they’ll expect pride

Show you’re intellectual, and they’ll think you’re out of character when you act “shallow”

Why the pressure to be this or that?

Black or white?

Good or bad?

The saint is a sinner to someone and the sinner a saint to another

No man or woman is innately one thing or the other

Each one is a rainbow because we have a


And the soul can only get to know itself by being everything without being anything

Therefore, Cain is Abel


Abel is Cain

Pain is pleasure


Pleasure is pain

Sometimes I’m the most disciplined other times I’m not

Sometimes I’m sensitive, other times I’m not

Sometimes I’m wise other times I’m not

Sometimes my head is in the right place

Other times it’s in my ass

And it’s okay

Because the expression of my soul as wise and foolish, disciplined and indisciplined is what refines me, it’s what makes me a rainbow not black or white

To hold unto consistency too tightly will be to rob my soul of expression

I’m a rainbow not black or white



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Illuminated By Intuition

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