How To Stop Thinking Into Worry & Start Thinking Into Results

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“I don’t want to think about my problems”

This is a common thing we hear and sometimes say, and this is probably the reason men and women don’t think

We dread “thinking” because when we do, we often THINK INTO WORRY instead of THINKING INTO RESULTS

How rare it is to find a man thinking about the challenges he must confront with cheerfulness and enthusiasm instead men are caught thinking with gloomy faces

Well, I must say we are programmed to think into worry instead of results and this isn’t totally our fault

From a young age you see those around you with sad faces when they “think”, and that idea of thinking as “dreadful” is imprinted on you

You start to believe a man hasn’t begun thinking unless he is worried and fearful so growing up you avoid thinking, you would rather distract yourself, look to people for advice or “pray to God” for a solution than think

And when I say think

I mean think into results

So you may be wondering “how do I think into results?”

You see, this is not a post to motivate or inspire you, absolutely not!

It is one to show you a clear path of thinking away from worry and into results which has worked for me and I hope will work for you

Now, the formula for thinking away from worry and into results is very simple

But I must warn you

It isn’t the easiest thing to apply, and you’ll fail many times until the practice is made a habit

The formula is as simple as 123

1. Set out some time every day to think of a single challenge you face

this may be just 5, 10 or 20 minutes each day

2. Sit or lie comfortably in a cheerful manner, if you find it difficult becoming cheerful all you need do is imagine how glad you will be when that challenge has been overcome, imagine your victory so vividly and that will stimulate you to cheerfulness.

3. Now let your mind wander and wonder, trust your mind to produce a solution to the problem you face

A lot of ideas will begin coming to you, note them in your mind or write them down, some of these ideas won’t be “the best” but your beautiful mind will filter them out

And guess what?

After each session you will be a step and idea closer to overcoming the challenge which confronts you

Now, you will be tempted to think into worry at different times of the day, and when you find yourself doing this just think of your goal realized, imagine your victory and give thanks to the mind which is moving you towards the realization of your ideal — in other words visualize your victory, have faith in it, and pretend you have it now.

Most importantly don’t beat yourself up when you catch yourself thinking into worry, remember thinking into results is something you must make a habit and the formation of habit takes time and requires patience, also remember destructive self-criticism won’t do you any good.

Observe this practice long enough to make it a habit, and you will be surprised with the difference in your personality and results.

Stop thinking into worry, try this to begin thinking into results!



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