How To Find Balance Between Doing Your Chores And Making Progress In Your Business

The Art Of Finding Balance

A lot of business owners struggle when it comes to finding balance, I know this because I struggled as well and at some point it was like I had to choose between doing maintenance chores or making progress in my business until I learnt this from Tai Lopez

So what’s the not so secret way (yes, it’s not even a secret) to maintaining balance in your life and making progress in your business?

It’s as simple as this

Divide your day into two parts

– Maintenance

– Progress


You have to do your chores and maintenance is the mode you go into when you want to do your “chores”.

Your chores should be the first set of things you do after you wake up

Chores are the things that “maintain” the pillars of your health, wealth, and expression

Things like

– Taking care of your body (eat & workout or just go on a walk)

– Taking care of your mind (meditate, sit in silence, read, make your list for the day)

– Checking all forms of communication (Email, phone, socials)

– Checking your bank and finances


Initial maintenance should take no more than 2–3 hours of your day, a business owner who spends all their time doing maintenance chores never has enough time to “make progress”


The rest of your day should be dedicated to making progress (sales), and remember it’s not the number of activities you do that makes financial progress but the number of activities that directly bring you money (remember “directly”)

Ask yourself “what’s going to bring me more business today?” and just prioritize that

If you spend too much time doing chores you will start losing interest in your business

If you have a lot of chores

Follow Ratio 3:1 so every 3 hours of progress after your initial maintenance you can decide to do 1 hour of extra maintenance, remember 3 hours of financial progress activities for 1 hour of maintenance if you must do extra maintenance

And that’s it! Such a simple formula

Are you doing this already or do you use another method for finding balance and making progress in your business?



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