A Reminder for Those Experiencing Difficulty

You’ve probably heard this before

We all go through “hard times”


A difficult moment isn’t a difficult life

Challenges are obstacles on the way to glory and all obstacles can be passed

This is why I choose to say “challenging times” instead of “hard times”

I’m not going to pretend I know “a lot” about life because I don’t, yup! I don’t

But I know you have the power to overcome every obstacle you face on your pathway to glory and rewriting your story

I know you have two game changers in your arsenal and these are:

– The power of choice

– The power of time

You have the power to choose how you view the situation, how you respond to it, and the power to choose patience over hurry, calmness over fear, faith over doubt.

I also know you have time on your side

A day has

24 hours

1,440 minutes

86,400 seconds

You think it’s too late?

Every breath you take gives you the chance to experience a transformation

You think you’re out of time?

86,400 seconds is more than enough time for a “miracle” whether it happens for you or you create the miracle

Remember this is just a moment in your life and this moment is super tiny compared to what you have as a life (even if you think you don’t have a life and your world is ending)

Yes I agree “this moment” seems like a lifetime but


You’re too zoomed in to see it’s but a piece of the puzzle, a tiny but relevant part of your story, your Hero’s journey.


As the words on my phone case read

“It won’t be like this forever”

I know this because I’ve been at the lowest point in my life where my thoughts were centered around whether I should go for the least painful or fastest way to “end it”

I’m glad I didn’t “end it”

I’m glad I held on to hope despite how tired I was

And I held on just long enough to be pulled up

I was tired but a part of me knew

“It won’t be like this forever”

And I held on to that

So remember whatever you’re going through is but a piece of the puzzle




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