A Lesson I Learnt From The Water Pressure

The water pressure was low this morning, and I found that quite annoying

But then

I thought of the 10-year-old in some really underdeveloped part of the world walking 5 miles to get her family water

And she does that severally


Thinking about this makes “my” water pressure problem seem so insignificant

Some child walks over an hour to get fresh water and I complain because of low water pressure

Realizing this gives me the chance to practice gratitude, a chance to be aware of how blessed I am, although everything isn’t “perfect”.

Gratitude magnifies everything, it helps us stay present and reminds us there are no “big” or “small” blessings, all things work together for our total experience.

You don’t need to compare a situation to one that is waaay worse to be grateful, instead focus on yourself and practice the mental exercise of finding the least thing to be grateful for.

A friend taught me this exercise, it’s a game of looking for the “least” gift to be grateful for, and guess what?

When you look for the least reason to be grateful you discover the game never ends

Try it



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