Leonardo's Mona Lisa?

I must be gifted

You must be gifted

We’re all gifted

But what is gifted?

Having something innate and rare?


Leonardo’s ability to paint the Mona Lisa?

Michelangelo’s sculpting of David?

I may be wrong to say those are expressions of what is innate and rare

But not it


that’s what is innate

and rare

your soul and it’s expression

In the way you love, laugh, smile, and think.


that’s the gift

you’re the gift

And you’ve been gifted to this mother (earth) which nurtures you.

You have been gifted to me

and I you

so I write this letter to remind you

of the gift you are



Forget Your Troubles, Do Something Else.

The pan is hot

Drop it

You can’t?

Why do you think you can’t?

Why do you hold on to troubles?

What comfort do you get from holding on?

“But I have tried to let go”

“It is impossible to let go of my troubles”

Why do you think the troubles are yours?

They are not yours, they are just what they are — troubles

The pan is hot

Drop it

Drop it to cool

Go do something else

For the burns only worsen if you hold on

The pan is hot

Drop it!

Continue to live colourfully this day

I Love You, Allways



Look how far you've come

Passed the desert

Crossed the valley

Over the hills

And through the swamp

Look how far you’ve come

But how quickly you’ve forgotten

Yesterday you climbed over the hills of doubt

And through the swamp of self-pity you went

Yet you’ve forgotten all of these

You give yourself no credit

Look how far you’ve come

Yet you don’t count your blessings

You downplay your strengths

You forget your will

Look how far you have come

So far you’ve come

And further you will go

Yes a setback today

But instead of quitting now

Look how far you’ve come

And Remember

I’m rooting for you


I Love You, Allways.



Illuminated By Intuition

Illuminated By Intuition

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